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Patrick O'Beirne is now on
December red berries at the Camcor river at Birr castle December red berries at the Camcor river at Birr castle
Patrick & Megan on holiday in India 2016


Patrick O'Beirne is a computer consultant. His company Systems Modelling Ltd. is at

The focus is on software development, information systems management, spreadsheet best practices, auditing and testing.


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Megan O'Beirne is an artist and author. Her art and recent book are on

"Wood and stone are the story-books of time. They record every change in nature and in the environment. This premise has led me to places as far flung as Iceland, Canada, Greece, and Japan to pursue my interest in erosion and climate change."
My book is "Kilmacurragh: sourced in the wild: The moulding of a heritage arboretum" Published by Systems Publishing, March 2015

Villa Alba, 
Tara Hill, Gorey,

Map of Ireland showing County Wexford

County Wexford, Ireland

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The O'Beirne family crest (large)

O'Beirne family coat of arms

Argent an orange tree eradicated and fructed proper, in base a lizard vert, in the dexter base point a saltire couped gules, on a chief azure the sun in his splendour or and a crescent of the first. Crest: A dexter arm in armour embowed the hand clasping a sword all proper. 


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